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Meet Claire

In my previous life I was a director and managing director of an International logistics company for 25 years, that was before my epiphany in 2018! All my life I’ve loved design, architecture and property, so in 2018 I took the bravest decision (to date) of my life to leave the comfort of my well paid, easy life.

I gave it all up to follow my heart! However, those 25 years have equipped me with immense knowledge and experience that helps me in my project management, cost analysis and client relationships. I thrive on deadlines and welcome challenges.

I am fuelled by my passion of property, but not only do I want to bring back to life beautiful, old, unloved buildings, but I also want to build new, beautiful buildings. In doing so it enables me to fulfil my philanthropist side and I aim to provide safe and comfortable social housing for the homeless and help them in their journey to a better life.

At 52 years young, I am learning more than ever, I believe I am a ‘forever student’, open to learning, with a hunger for knowledge and to stay in tune with the latest trends. Every day is a school day!

If you’d like to be part of my journey please get in touch.